Standard AI Invests in Convenience Store Operators with First-of-its-Kind Initiative to Shape the Future of Retail

October 5, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO–October 5, 2021– Standard AI, the world’s leading computer vision platform for retail, today announced that it is partnering with retail technology leaders to launch the Autonomous Retail Initiative (A.R.I.), a first of its kind initiative aimed at investing in convenience store operators to help shape the future of retail — together.

Through the A.R.I., Standard AI will invite up to ten convenience stores and chains across North America to attend a three-day workshop and program in San Francisco. Participants will dig in on the latest innovations in retail technology and learn how automation can be used to reimagine retail operations and offer a better customer experience. Standard AI will invite one operator to receive a full buildout of one existing store into a checkout free experience, at no cost.

“Computer vision and autonomous retail can unlock enormous value for c-store operators excited to use technology to transform what’s possible in convenience. We believe every one of these operators deserves to benefit from this innovation — not just multi-billion dollar giants,” said Jordan Fisher, Standard AI’s CEO. “Standard AI and our retail tech partners are looking for forward-thinking c-store operators eager to drive the future of the industry. And we can’t wait to partner up with one or more of these companies and kick-start their journey to autonomous retail with a full Standard AI autonomous checkout retrofit.”

Register here to apply for the A.R.I. The winners will be announced by the end of the year.

About Standard AI

Standard AI has transformed retail as we know it. With the first checkout free solution that works in any existing store, the Standard platform allows customers to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out – without waiting in line or stopping to scan or pay. The company’s machine vision and AI-powered solution is the only one that can be quickly and easily installed in retailers’ existing stores, representing a giant leap forward for retail tech and enabling retailers to rapidly deliver an amazing new shopping experience to customers. The first and best-funded startup in this space, Standard has launched multiple operational stores with customers, and is working with retailers around the world. Learn more at

Alex Plant
Marketing at Standard