On a Mission to Change the Way the World Shops

We are a passionate team committed to turning everyday spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Our Values


Be Bold

We take pride in our commitment to a bold, lofty vision. With an explorer’s mindset, we bring courage, determination, and resourcefulness.


Be Real

We will achieve the extraordinary by inviting all the voices into the conversation. We balance empathy and accountability, engaging in real dialogue that moves us closer to our goals.


Be Present

We gain strength through connection. We participate, we ask questions, and we bring clarity to challenges through collaboration and planning.


Be Curious

We choose optimism. We are flexible and take initiative in the midst of ambiguity and change. Every challenge is an opportunity to apply our curiosity, creativity, and hone our craft.

How We Got Here

In 2015, the application of computer vision into the small moments of our everyday lives was beginning to materialize. Founded in a Texas garage by a team of former SEC engineers, Standard AI began building autonomous retail technology that would challenge the limits of what conventional retail and competitors in autonomous shopping were capable of. The system was first tested on a wine bottle in the middle of an apartment bedroom.


Standard AI did not set out as creators, but revolutionaries for the human experience. Retail locations are retrofitted to enhance the magic and convenience within our everyday lives and the places we love. The founders spent months listening to the needs of retailers in their communities, partnering with the people who have built successful businesses and believe in continuous improvement for the consumer and human experience. Those initial conversations echo in the mission and values of Standard AI today.

Where We’re Going

We’re not stopping with retail. We strive to reimagine and retrofit the relationship between people, items, and the physical spaces around them. We have a growing team of experts and investor support behind our mission to identify which spaces can foster stronger human connection by removing the technological barriers between us.