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Rehumanize Retail. Join us at Standard.

Rehumanizing Retail

Humanity spends billions of hours waiting in line every year. At the end of those lines we collectively spend over $20 trillion. Weʼre building the next revolution of in-store payments with computer vision. Our system lets shoppers walk in, grab what they want, and get charged automatically as they leave. No lines, no friction. It's e-commerce level convenience in stores, without sacrificing the immediacy and tangibility of shopping. Our goal is to put this technology in every store around the world, and become the standard for how people shop and pay.

Hard Problems, Many Solutions

This is no easy task. For us to succeed, we must be affordable, so we don't rely on any sensors in the shelves or on the products. Instead we only use overhead cameras, along with state-of-the-art machine learning to look at and understand the video streams. Many of the most challenging areas of machine learning are fundamental linchpins of our system: action recognition, cluttered scene comprehension, visual tracking in the wild, and, of course, the ability to recognize thousands of different products from 20 feet away in a busy store. On top of this, a typical store can generate petabytes of footage in a week, and all of this footage must be stream processed in real time with on-premise computers and limited bandwidth in order to accurately provide receipts to every shopper. This is incredibly challenging to do in a single store, and it will be industry-defining to pull it off in millions of stores, with hundreds of millions of concurrent shoppers.

Massive Opportunities

The industry of autonomous checkout is young, but the potential is as large, if not larger, than other staggeringly large ideas such as autonomous driving. And, more alluring, the impact is imminent. Weʼre deploying our solution today - not next next year, or the year after. In the last 12 months alone we've had 300 different retailers reach out to us about putting Standard Checkout in their stores. This huge desire will only escalate as we deploy to more and more stores, and as we, as shoppers, come to expect the new convenience of skipping the line entirely.

We’re Moving Fast

If you love machine learning, perception engineering, data infrastructure, building amazing tools to direct systems, or designing high performance real time execution engines, then drop us a line and help us change the face of the world. There are 7 billion people waiting.

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Standard offers competitive compensation and equity, a comprehensive healthcare plan, and commuter benefits at one of the fastest-growing startups in Silicon Valley. Most importantly, our bedrock value is providing a learning environment where all employees can dive deep into the latest computer vision and machine learning technologies. If this sounds like a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.

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