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Predictive insights

Imagine seeing the impact of merchandising changes before you move a single item. Take the blinders off and see with full VISION.

What could that do for your bottom line?

Increase shelf availability

Imagine never having low inventory affect your potential sales now that predictive AI increases shelf availability. Keep more products on the shelf so you can see them fly off it.

What could that do to maximize your sales?

Real-time offers

Imagine triggering real-time and relevant offers based on a customer’s predicted path. With more certainty comes more possibilities.

What could that do for your average basket size?

Loss prevention

Imagine receiving curated videos of every potential theft from VISION’s unmatched AI theft detection. You’ll only review events likely to be theft.

What could that do for your loss prevention?

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See the data that matters most from Vision's AI enabled cameras in your own dashboard.

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Traffic & Impressions

Traffic & Impressions: Gain insights into foot traffic patterns and shopper interactions, allowing for optimized store layouts and promotional strategies.

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Unprecedented Insights

Our AI enables deep understanding of shoppers, product interactions, and store dynamics, providing previously unattainable insights.

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Conversion % and Sales

Conversion % and Sales: Effectively track conversion rates, sales performance, and where shopper interactions occur within your store, including displays vs home locations.

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Privacy First and Always

AI technology that never uses facial recognition to safeguard your customer’s privacy.


Simplicity over Complexity

Straightforward AI solutions, thoughtfully designed to solve real world problems.


One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Portfolio of products to customize your tech strategy.


Proven Technology

Mature tech stack with demonstrated accuracy and unparalleled fidelity.

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