Standard AI + Google Cloud: Delivering a More Powerful Retail Experience

August 23, 2023

We’re on the cusp of an AI-powered revolution in retail, driven by the need to manage labor and inflation challenges while meeting the needs of new tech-enabled shoppers.

To better meet those needs, we are excited to announce the integration of Google Cloud into our core checkout offerings. Specifically, Standard AI will be leveraging Google Cloud’s powerful Vertex AI suite of tools to bring greater speed and flexibility to our existing portfolio of solutions and bring new products to market to meet ever-changing shopper demands.

Why Google Cloud?

Vertex AI’s machine learning and cutting edge generative AI capabilities can iterate and refine deep learning models quickly, and in turn, serve core operations faster and with enhanced accuracy. By leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, Standard AI will bring even more powerful AI-powered features and experiences to our users, delivering retail solutions that will continue to define and redefine the customer checkout experience for years to come.

The Google Cloud team is working with leading retailers to use AI to reinvent everything from the drive-thru to the POS and now store kiosks and beyond. In addition to deploying Vertex AI, Standard AI will gain access to Google Cloud’s generative AI, point-of-sale capable (POS) assisted, and large language model (LLM) capabilities. Standard AI plans to explore using these capabilities to support both its Vision OS^ platform – which includes AI-powered autonomous checkout – and new AI-powered Skip branded self-checkout solutions.

Our commitment to reshaping the retail landscape, combined with tools provided by Google Cloud, sets the stage for a transformative and innovative future for the retail sector.

We are excited to expand our partnership with Google Cloud to bring additional speed and accuracy to our current portfolio and bring innovative new checkout solutions to market that will help retailers manage operations and attract new shoppers.

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