Who Does Your Vision?

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Vision OS^, the latest evolution of Standard AI’s autonomous retail platform.

by Jordan Fisher

October 3, 2022

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Vision OS^, the latest evolution of Standard AI’s autonomous retail platform.

Bringing together three core capabilities—autonomous checkout, deep analytics we call Insights, and an in-store management system we call Mission Control—Vision OS^ has set a new standard for computer vision’s transformative potential in retail.

We always knew that this day would come. During the early days of Standard, our efforts were focused first on perfecting autonomous checkout to deliver an amazing shopping experience. But we knew that beneath the surface we were doing more: we were digitizing physical retail.

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When you look at the eCommerce revolution, you can easily see the power of digital. eCommerce players don’t just understand which transactions take place, they have a full understanding of how shoppers interact with their platforms. They know how their journey weaves from arriving at the page, to considering different products, to finally making a purchase. These digital insights allow for a deep optimization of both operations and merchandising.

The physical store doesn’t have this advantage. Elements of the supply chain and back-of-house operations may be digitized, but the store itself—and a shopper’s journey through it—remains a black box. Retailers are often left making assumptions based on point-of-sale data, but the real questions are left unanswered. What led this shopper to make a purchase? Why am I suddenly selling less beverages? How long are people waiting in line? Which products are out of stock?

Autonomous retail delivers answers and empowers your staff to supercharge your store. When we place our cameras on the ceiling of your store, we digitize it. We know what’s on the shelves (and what’s not), how shoppers interact with it, and even granular insights such as which products are most often put back. With Insights, we let you measure the most important components of your store, so that you can keep driving improvements.

And with Mission Control, we’re able to help directly optimize those metrics at the store level. Rather than waiting to know when a product is out of stock—and missing out on sales—we can let employees know when products are empty or simply running low. We can even flag additional incidents and tasks that need attention. While autonomous checkout eliminates the burden of standing behind a register and processing transactions, Mission Control helps retailers redeploy their staff towards enhancing the store and helping shoppers. It’s an example of how the components of Vision OS^ work together to unlock tremendous value.

In short: we knew early-on that retailers would be able to harness computer vision to enhance everything about their business and how they run their stores. We also knew it was possible to provide them all of this with one platform, one camera system. Today we are delivering that vision. That’s the promise of Vision OS^.

Retailers everywhere are “looking up” and seeing the potential of their ceilings—the most underutilized real estate in today’s stores. Vision OS^ transforms your ceiling into a powerful engine that unlocks the full potential of in-store shopping.

Now is the time to ask, “Who does your vision?”

For more information, see our videos on Vision OSCheckoutInsights, and Mission Control.

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