The future of retail is here today in Phoenix!

  • This morning, the Standard AI team celebrated the grand opening of our latest autonomous store in partnership with Circle K. This isn’t a test store or a proof of concept location—it’s an example of cutting-edge AI and computer-vision technology being deployed at a neighborhood convenience store.

  • Shopping at Circle K is easy with EasyWay. Customers walk in, shop as normal, and tap the Circle K Innovation app at Standard AI’s tablet-based stations when they’re ready to leave. Receipts are sent to their phones within minutes. This new method of shopping not only enhances the customer experience, but it also enables employees to step away from the checkout counter and focus on customer service, managing the store, and more.

  • You can experience the future of retail for yourself at 4939 East Ray Road. In the meantime, here’s a few highlights: Real retail, right now. Retrofitting a neighborhood convenience store is a more advanced application of autonomous retail than a micro market or purpose-built test store. They’re busy, packed full of merchandise, and they weren’t built specifically for autonomous retail. Fortunately, transforming everyday environments into exceptional experiences is our specialty.

  • Latest and greatest cameras. Autonomous retail shouldn’t come at the cost of aesthetics. Nobody wants a ceiling full of awkward, dangling cameras. Standard AI’s newest series of cameras blend seamlessly into the store environment and rarely stand out to customers. Due to the strength of our AI-based computer vision platform, we also achieve a lower camera density than is typical of other autonomous stores.

  • No gates, no problems, Convenience stores are busy, dynamic environments that serve everyone. Rather than relying on restrictive gates that introduce friction and lower foot traffic, the Standard AI platform ensures stores remain open and inviting to all.

  • Shelf sensors? Don't need them. This store is merchandised exactly as it was before Standard AI retrofitted it. Rather than relying on costly, cumbersome shelf sensors that force a “vending machine” experience upon retailers and customers, our computer vision-only platform accepts stores the way they are.

  • Receipts in minutes, not hours. Time to receipt (TTR) is an indicator of the amount of automation built into autonomous retail platforms, and Standard AI is proud to offer the quickest TTR of any computer vision-only platform. Rather than waiting hours, shoppers on our platform receive their receipts in minutes.

Experience the future of retail for yourself next time you’re in Phoenix. Contact us at to learn more, or join the autonomous retail revolution at