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How Standard AI Works

The world’s
most advanced
retail platform.

increase in basket sizes. Shoppers buy more with Standard.

Standard AI just works.

AI-powered cameras and the cloud. That’s It.
No gates or sensors. Using just computer vision-powered cameras and the cloud, the Standard AI platform can be elegantly integrated into an existing retail store. With the most advanced computer vision technology, our system can identify shoppers' movements across SKU catalogs of more than 20,000 products.
Retrofit existing stores in weeks.
We can install the Standard AI platform into an existing store overnight and be operational in weeks—all without having to shut down the store.
Accurate receipts in minutes.
Our system detects a wide range of products and SKUs, including age-restricted items. We deliver accurate receipts, on average, in 8 minutes or less—by far the fastest in our space.
What does it take?

Get up and running in weeks.

Retailers 01ScanStore
Scan Store
Run Matterport: 2 hours max for a full convenience store.
Retailers 02Integrate
Integrate with existing retail operations
First store in a few months, next stores in a few weeks.
Retailers 03Associate
Associate plan-o-grams and products.
3 to 4 weeks.
Retailers 04GoLive
Go live!
Live, fully-functional operating system as quickly as 4 months.
A Solution like no other
Vision OS^
Vision OS^ is a retail optimization solution that is solving the industry’s toughest challenges by delivering a better shopping experience, creating operational efficiencies, and driving deeper site engagement.
Vision Triangle
Standard Checkout
Shop & Go!
Level up the shopper experience.
Transform the shopping experience with an AI-powered autonomous checkout solution that allows shoppers to simply shop, tap, and go. No need to wait in checkout lines.

Checkout-Free Shopping In Action

Standard AI is the world’s most advanced autonomous retail platform. We deliver accurate, lightning-fast receipts to shoppers in minutes.


Shoppers enter the store and quickly download the app. Cameras retrofitted to the existing store track each shopping trip without using facial recognition. Leveraging computer vision and 3D map of the store, Vision OS^ builds a digital shopping cart of all items selected. It recognizes which products are picked up, put back, or even dropped on the floor.


Shoppers tap their phone to the Tap & Go station—immediately connecting their purchases to a form of payment within the store’s existing app.


Receipts are automatically sent to shoppers' phones minutes after exiting the store.

We Let Retailers Be Retailers.


Privacy First and Always

Autonomous technology that never uses facial recognition.


An Experience Shoppers Love

Checkout-free shopping creates a new and exciting reality for retail customers.


Easily Retrofit in Weeks

No construction necessary. Existing retail stores are easily transformed into autonomous stores in a matter of weeks.


Deep Knowledge of Store Ops

Vision OS^ offers deep insights into shopper behavior, inventory management, loss prevention, and beyond.


Generate More Profits

In addition to labor savings, retailers drive greater efficiencies and, on average, 16% more revenue per hour.

How will Standard AI work in my store?

In a matter of weeks, we can retrofit retail spaces to provide an autonomous checkout experience without shutting them down. Your retail space will be fitted for a series of cameras that identify shoppers and product movements.

We want to remove barriers that separate people – especially the ones that separate you and your customers. Our technology provides your employees with more time for meaningful interactions while collecting essential business data for strategic decisions.

Retailers Store 01FacialRec
No facial recognition, ever.
Retailers Store 02Products
All product selections are tracked, even when put back or dropped on the floor.
Retailers Store 03Tap
Shoppers check out with the Tap & Go station.
Retailers Store 04App
Use the Standard AI app or your own app.
Mission Control
Manage operational tasks from one app or tablet. Happy customers and store staff.
Provides effective real-time reporting to help in-store teams effectively manage operations and the shopper experience.
Optimize store layout and sell more products.
Unlock a new frontier of intelligence about store operations and shopper behaviors, revealing insights and revenue streams never before possible.

We still get to help customers, but now we're helping them on the other side of the counter.

Store Manager
WooSox Market at Polar Park
Vision OS^ + SCO
Standard AI + SCO gives retailers short term relief from acute labor challenges and a quick path to an autonomous future. This connected retail experience will cover 100% of products in the store and 100% of the shoppers - regardless of their payment method.

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