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Standard Cognition reopens its Market Street convenience store

by Chintan Maniar on

I’m excited to tell you that after weeks of planning and preparation by the team, Standard Store reopened to serve the local community earlier this month.

When San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order went into effect in March, many San Francisco retail businesses temporarily shut their doors. One was Standard Store, our cashierless concept store located at 1071 Market in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. The open-to-the-public convenience store leverages Standard’s touchless autonomous checkout technology, which allows customers to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out without waiting in line or stopping to scan or pay. It’s a safety-first approach that ensures shoppers don’t have to touch anything in the store except what they are purchasing (and even then, it avoids the need to pass items back and forth between shopper and cashier). Outside of their own mobile phones, shoppers don’t need to touch any screens or payment devices while in the store.

When we closed in March, it was primarily because we didn’t have the supplies and equipment needed to keep our employees and shoppers safe, and there were other food store options in the neighborhood. By late April, the situation had changed: there was only one store still open on our block, which was a restaurant - there were no food or grocery options. The area had become a desert, so we dug deep and worked with our suppliers to get products needed, and reopened to serve the neighborhood on May 13.

Standard’s cashierless approach means our 1,100-ft. store typically requires just two employees on site, mostly for restocking, assisting customers find what they need, and sanitization. We worked closely with the San Francisco Department of Health to ensure the store is following local regulations for its reopening, including sanitization and social distancing guidelines.

We’ve updated the store layout slightly to help with social distancing, and we’ve added more SKUs including pantry staples, food & beverage and yes, we have toilet paper! We believe that autonomous checkout technology is a promising innovation for improving the safety of public spaces and are excited to be up and running in our neighborhood. We’re open 12 pm - 5 pm, Monday through Friday and look forward to seeing everyone.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on in!

-- Chintan Maniar, General Manager of Standard Store

P.S. You can download the Standard Checkout app on Google Play or the Apple App Store ahead of time for a frictionless experience.

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