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Reimagining the Standard Store as an Innovation Lab to Drive the Future of Autonomous Checkout

by Alex Plant on

We started Standard with an idea that computer vision could transform - and improve - the way we interact in physical spaces. Combining cameras with computing power, we shot out of the gate with an early proof-of-concept and were on our way.

In 2018, we opened the Standard Store in San Francisco as a way for our team to experiment and train our computer vision models to recognize different types of products and understand the ways different types of people interact with goods in real-life retail scenarios. How do we train them to tell the difference between a Monster™ Energy Drink and a Red Bull™ or how to determine if someone picked up an 8 oz can of Pepsi™ or a 10 oz in a real retail environment. What happens when a shopper drops the beef jerky — or hands it to her partner? These real work scenarios are core to the convenience shopping experience.

As the first computer vision-only retail experience in the world, our flagship Standard Store represented a major milestone for retail. It gave us a way to test the Standard platform in the real world and helped us identify and solve important problems. Over the years, the Standard Store saw thousands of happy shoppers conduct tens of thousands of transactions. Along the way, we upgraded and road-tested our systems and advanced the Standard platform in immeasurable ways.

Now, as we focus on opening our next series of brand new convenience stores, it’s time to convert the Standard Store in San Francisco back to a lab.


We now have a core set of retailer partners with whom we’ve worked over the last years to transform real world micromarket and convenience stores into checkout free experiences. We’re able to test and learn every day in a variety of retail environments and our system is getting stronger and smarter every day.

With a slew of stores open now and dozens more on the way, it’s time to close the Standard Store to the public and reinvent it - once again - into an innovation lab focused on the expansion of our platform in new ways. For investors and members of the media, we do give tours of the things on which we’re working from time to time, so reach out to Alex Plant for more information:

For those in San Francisco, we will be looking to open up a new Standard Store in the not-so-distant future, so stay connected with us on our social channels and stay tuned for more!

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